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21-23 NOV 2019
Dubai Studio city – SOUND STAGES


Wegz is one of the most established Egyptian trap artists of his generation. At only 19 years of age, Wegz grew in recognition in a short space of time, blossomed out of a highly competitive grass root led trap movement. Wegz songs are now widely heard in all of Egypt, showing that Egyptian hip-hop music can disrupt the status quo. His success started on YouTube, where his videos have been an instant success. His first single ”TNT”, shot with basic production capabilities hit 1.8 million views, a unique feat for a new artist in this emerging scene. He followed this with ”Kharban” video with 10 million and currently average 1 million+ on his latest work such as “Dmoana Malha’‘, ‘’Keda Keda”, and ”Msh Ha’olek Babe” to settle his status as a pioneer of the trap scene in Egypt. Wegz represents a wide range of the Egyptian youth now. His music is raw, emotive, catchy, and authentic. He blends trap with Egyptian pioneered mahraganat and electroshabi genre. His songs speak to his personal experience as a young Egyptian, coming from basic living standards and aiming to reach new heights. His performances bring audiences to urban Egypt, and to the epicenter of the Egyptian trap scene. Audiences will interact with this authentic act, enjoy trap but with an Egyptian twist.

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