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21-23 NOV 2019
Dubai Studio city – SOUND STAGES

Saeed Binkhadeya

Saeed Binkhadeya – Gamer enthusiast who started playing and collecting games from an early age back in the late 90’s. Growing up in a period where the gaming industry was in its golden age in my opinion, being ‏successful on all different platforms and consoles which influenced a whole generation. As the years past by the gaming world evolves with better graphics, new game play mechanics, and the ‏ability to interact online with different people in the community. The revelation made by certain gaming companies which led to the release of some iconic game brands such as Counter Strike, World Of Warcraft, and Start Craft was the steppingstone towards building an esports industry. That gave the opportunity for players to turn into professionals focusing their talents and enhancing their skills by participating in sponsored events with big prizes at stake. This influenced him since he was always interested in organizing and his first interaction hosting a gaming event was in 2006 for a summer festival tournament using FIFA as the game. Since that day he gained experience season after season hosting events for various companies and has ranked up over 25 tournaments under his name. Esports as a brand has a bright future, his dream is to make the UAE the hub of esports for gamers in the Arab world and make sure it can be successful and have a positive impact in society.

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