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21-23 NOV 2019
Dubai Studio city – SOUND STAGES

Reem Tarek

Reem Tarek is the Manager of MuzicUp which is the first MENA based digital content distribution platform, a unique platform helping content owners distribute their content on YouTube, mobile operators’ assets as well as most of the digital streaming OTTs
During her past 6 years of experience, Reem was involved in maximizing the revenues of the top artists and producers in MENA. Her experience also includes content planning, launch plans, content optimizing and copyright management.
She is responsible for the digital presence of music stars like Saber Rebai, Amr Mostafa, Karim Mohsen, Sandy & Moustafa Amar as well as 100+ independent artists.
Reem is certified from YouTube based on her experience in this field and is now managing a network of platforms which generates 100M+ views/streams per month.

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