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21-23 NOV 2019
Dubai Studio city – SOUND STAGES

Neven Wanli

Neven carries interesting creator career path as she was a typical housewife who loves cooking and taking care of her loving cats at home from Saudi Arabia. She got to know about LINE LIVE from YouTubers named Txlir and Bingoo who create contents about animals and rescuing them in danger. As started engaging with Txlir and Bingoo during their live streaming and building a strong community with their fans at LINE LIVE, she took her courage to step up and started to go broadcast live at LINE LIVE to spread out awareness of animal rescue as live streaming is the most optimized format to share her mission.
Less than one year, Neven is one of top performing streamer at LINE LIVE and inspires other female creators to be independent and serve as positive society changer.

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