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21-23 NOV 2019
Dubai Studio city – SOUND STAGES

Mohammed Alturkistani

Mohammed Alturkistani got introduced to Video games at the age of five & the rest is history. Playing competitively throughout his childhood, as a teenager with the introduction of the internet, gaming went to a whole new level. He started playing a few online games professionally and his greatest achievements were at the age of 16 when his team ranked second on the server. He led his group of 212 players in a MMORPG called Final Fantasy 11. They had battles that sometimes lasted 3 days and they’d take shifts! In 2006 he represented his country & qualified for the world finals at ESWC “Electronic Sports World Cup” for the game Warcraft 3 in Paris. He worked for throughout his life in real-estate, events, consultancy & now his team & is looking to create platforms influenced with what makes gaming fun, engaging & beautiful to solve real world problems.

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