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21-23 NOV 2019
Dubai Studio city – SOUND STAGES

Jumanah Shaheen

Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and raised between the United States and Saudi Arabia, Jumanah Shaheen grew up moving between countries, shifting between cultures acclimating to new societal norms. In 2003 Shaheen’s family relocated indefinitely in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. attended a Manarat International school where she was able to condense her high school years into one. At grade 10 and at the age of 15 Shaheen graduated high school in 2009. During her years at Manarat, her love for Literature and Computer Science grew. Post her graduation she interned at Destination Jeddah as an assistant, working directly with the Editorial Director. The exposure to the inner workings of the magazine company really intrigued her, but what excited her more was the ability to share stories with a large market that she related to. Her curiosity led her to compare what type of media she consumed and why some type truly resonated with her to the point that it influenced her. After her internship Shaheen attended College of Business and Administration in Jeddah for a year where she studied the fundamental classes for Accounting, Psychology, Economics, and Sociology. Attending these classes Shaheen would constantly think about the links connecting the different industries together and how they all work cohesively. She would discuss her thoughts amongst her friends, they would converse for hours on how media truly shaped how people view others. That summer Shaheen attended a two week course in Lebanon with Faisal Al-Qassim at Al-Jazeera, this course covered TV production and live broadcasting. She enjoyed learning about the inner workings of news channel, she had the chance to speak with Mr. Al-Qassim and pick his brains on the influence of media. He emphasized the importance of art in a society, as artists are able to convey visually what we aren’t able to in words. Shortly after Shaheen applied to Academy of Art University to study Animation and Visual Effects production with an emphasis in 3D modeling. It combined her love for computers, storytelling, animation and film.

Shaheen moved to San Francisco summer of 2010 and graduated with a BFA from the Academy of Art Spring of 2015. Both Motion Picture Film and Animated films were a huge part of her life; they have helped her view perspectives differently and life in a new way. Film and animation convey a way of thinking, a way of life. To know a society, you look at their art to gain a deeper understanding and Shaheen wanted to be able to gain the skill to be able to communicate effectively with a multitude of people. The oldest form of entertainment there is, is theatre. It has helped the world evolve and Shaheen has always wanted to be part of that evolution.

She moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles pursue her love for Film and Animation, studying at the Academy of Art University, she has was presented with a range of opportunities which include Oscar nominated film, Theeb, Independent Spirit Award, Fruitvale Station, and Sundance Award, Advantageous. Her professional experience included music videos for MTV VMA nominated best visuals Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do breaking record of the most watched video on YouTube, Boogie Feat. Eminem: Rainy Days, Maroon 5 Three Little Birds, and recognized TV shows like Modern Family, Fresh Off The Boat, Arrested Development etc.. Working alongside recognized Hollywood figures like Ryan Coogler, Joseph Kahn, and Kenya Barris. In Saudi now, she has worked on small projects for Al-Rifai group, and delivering a documentary for Prince Abdulaziz bin Ayyaf al Muqrin along with a few other projects under development. All this experience has extended her knowledge in the industry and propelled her to gain more.
Shaheen’s exposure to a multitude of diverse cultures and environments resulted in giving her a unique insight. This has broadened her ability to understand and communicate with all her fellow team members. Due to the diversity of cultures she grew up in, has now as an adult, allowed her to flourish in different work environments while supporting and leading a team filled with their own experiences, strengths, and weaknesses as we set out to achieve our goal as a team.

As Shaheen’s production career evolved, she kept thinking of different places where she could invest her saved money. One of her colleagues had been learning about stocks and how to properly invest. On a regular basis he would discuss the importance of understanding the economy, and how all businesses are connected if one fails to stay up to speed their business could fail. From these conversations Shaheen co-founded her first company with Laith Azzam, Ryan Warner, and Basim Azzam. SSTV is a social site for all investors/traders, a place where they can create and consume educational content that can help them stay sharp.
Shaheen plans to continue her education in Entrepreneurship in Technology, aiming to create technologies that will help artists, educators, businesses and individuals all around the world perform and work in a efficient manner. Shaheen is also working on developing a web series that she is producing and co-directing with Reema Bajunaid. Shaheen is extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to live in a city with vast opportunities and is grateful for all that she has been presented with and excited for what is coming her way.

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