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21-23 NOV 2019
Dubai Studio city – SOUND STAGES

Ahmed Al Nasheet

“One of the top gaming and lifestyle (content creator) influencers in the region; Ahmed Al Nasheet (AKA Dvlzgame), who is one of the earliest influencers in the gaming sector and the creative mind behind many influencers and successful content watched by millions in the Arab world. He got the chance to be the first ever Arab Youtuber to be partnered with YouTube and the first to reach 100,000,000 views he switched to TV to host two TV shows on MBC, Bahrain and other channels (Action Ya Eyal and Driven).

He worked on localizing games with most of the gaming company either as a localizer or as a marketer. Helped to launch Middle East film and comic con managing the social, community and gaming side of the convention.
Did voice over with Disney, Marvel and others. He has been selected by EA to be one of the faces of FIFA and Star Wars in the Middle East as an ambassador.

Ahmed just got his first cinematic movie role in Angry Birds 2 the movie as “Alex”. This year he worked with BBC as the host of a new show called “ Dubai POV “ and with Netflix he became the first Arab host to have an after-show covering the first Arab Netflix original show “Jinn” his show is called “Let’s talk Jinn”.

Launched a Clothing, merchandise company called We The Movement and have his own consultation company called Hype Sauce and in Bahrain DvLZGaME which is a gaming PR, marketing and localization company.

He is also a guest chef that have worked with world renowned chefs such as Sean Connolly and have his own dishes with his name in places like Dubai opera, he worked with DTCM to promote Dubai Food Festival and other events. Ahmed is a MyDubai Ambassador covering everything about Dubai and promoting the city with DTCM.

He also won awards from the Bahrain and UAE government with his work in social media, lately he has been put on the list of the 100 most influential people in the Middle East by Esquire magazine and the 10 most influential people in social media in GCC.

Ahmed won the Nickelodeon Kids choice award for the best gaming content creator category 2019 with over 3,5 million votes from all around the world.

Ahmed is currently the only non-Saudi to be titled “Riyadh season Ambassador”.

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