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21-23 NOV 2019
Dubai Studio city – SOUND STAGES


No, you do not need to pay to enter. However, if you are selected to be featured on one of the stages and wish to present your work in person then you will need to arrange your own transport and accommodation to and from the event

If you want to enter as a group, one person will need to enter the submission and select that this is a group entry. If you are selected, organisers will ask for further details pertaining to your group. Please do not submit your entry multiple times or judges may decide to disqualify your entry.

Unfortunately, ON.DXB does not have a fund to bring creators to the event, however this is being looked at for future events.

Due to the number of entries we need to cap the length of the submission. When you upload you content, please specify whether this is a clip, sample, trailer or full length so judges are aware.

Judges need to be able to judge the creative work that will be presented on each of the stages, unfortunately an image will not suffice in allowing the judges to do this.

No, you are only uploading this content for it to be judged by our industry experts, you will retain full ownership of this content and the content will not be used outside of the ON.DXB event and any relevant marketing, without your express permission

Need more info? Please contact us at: [email protected]